Heading For Japan

Hi, my name's Will, I'm studying Japanese right now in year 11. Since i began studying only a few months ago, my interest in learning Japanese has grown and because of that, one day i want to live in Japan, hence the title Heading For Japan. You can read this blog which mainly includes how my study is going, and if you subscribe, that's even better! So I'm going to try and update this website as often is possible with how I'm progressing in my thirst for knowledge. Thanks for checking out this blog and hopefully one day I'll be heading for japan.

A Japanese Day

Today was the first day I have went out in weeks because I'm in exam block now. I didn't plan on my day out to be a Japanese day, but ultimately it ended up that way, all of it happened on the way home from my day out at. Taichi (太一), Gamaliel (Mexican) and I were on the train heading home, of course I got bored, Gama was listening to music, so naturally I became annoying and started jabbering in Japanese to Taichi, very loudly because I assumed because I originally tested the area by yelling..."首を切たい!" which in English means "I want to cut throats!". It normally works on spotting if anyone is Japanese.

Nobody seemed to understand so I started having a very philosophical conversation with Taichi about life and the universe, just kidding, I began talking about I began talking about of zombies and werewolves (I actually picked up some vocabulary) but it just involved me saying "ゾンビはとてもかっこいい" which means "zombies are cool" and then Taichi replies "Why?" and then I say "僕も人の脳を食べることが大好きだから" which means "Because I also love eating people's brains" (very useful), anyway.... about halfway through the conversation this women who had been sitting next across from me and Taichi who we thought was Korean or Chinese appeared to be crying but was actually laughing, she was Japanese and she had heard all the weird, possibly psychopathic things I have said throughout the conversation! Taichi and I had only just realized that and began testing her and from then on every weird thing I said such as "狼男" which means "Werewolf", and sure enough she began laughing, you have to give her credit though, she tried so hard to maintain a persona of "cool" but we could see it. It might not seem interesting but whenever you realize someone can understand you, it's hilarious, and it was! For 5 minutes after it only involved Gama, Taichi and I saying "Oh My God, she understood us!".

The second, less embarrasing event that occured while coming home, was within 20 metres of my house I realised that there has always been a Japanese person who had a house in my street, his name escaped me but he within a few minutes of talking to him, he offered Taichi, Gama and I to cook us a real japanese meal one day in the next few weeks, which is pretty impressive and ofcourse Taichi and him were able to communicate pretty well, and because it was generic introductary stuff, I was even able to understand their conversation a bit. But hopefully this "connection" will be conveniant in the future and I want to try a real japanese meal.

Well, I better get back to studying.


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