Heading For Japan

Hi, my name's Will, I'm studying Japanese right now in year 11. Since i began studying only a few months ago, my interest in learning Japanese has grown and because of that, one day i want to live in Japan, hence the title Heading For Japan. You can read this blog which mainly includes how my study is going, and if you subscribe, that's even better! So I'm going to try and update this website as often is possible with how I'm progressing in my thirst for knowledge. Thanks for checking out this blog and hopefully one day I'll be heading for japan.

My Listening Exam

I'm not going to try and make you believe that I'm amazingly gifted and find Japanese really easy, I don't, I love learning it but it doesn't mean its not a challenge for me. In saying that though, it won't change the fact that I'm cringing right now at how badly my listening exam went today, the entire class listened to a few minutes of a very crudely edited cassette tape done by my Japanese teacher and another Japanese teacher which involved them talking very slowly about "Celebrations", they mentioned (luckily in katakana) New Year's Eve, Christmas, Valentine's Day and even White Day,but when it came to the some certain vocabulary i was left in the dark. So I ask these questions to you.
  • What is おぞうに?
  • What is おとしだま?
If you could leave the answer in the comments that would be great.

I'll post up up the results from that test as soon as i get it. My next exam is my speaking, and my task is:

"You must speak for a few minutes to a friend about organizing a party for a common friend, you must organize arrangements such as food, decorations, etc."

We'll, time to get back to my studying.


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