Heading For Japan

Hi, my name's Will, I'm studying Japanese right now in year 11. Since i began studying only a few months ago, my interest in learning Japanese has grown and because of that, one day i want to live in Japan, hence the title Heading For Japan. You can read this blog which mainly includes how my study is going, and if you subscribe, that's even better! So I'm going to try and update this website as often is possible with how I'm progressing in my thirst for knowledge. Thanks for checking out this blog and hopefully one day I'll be heading for japan.

Weekly Progress

Being sick this weekend (風邪を引いた。)made it pretty difficult to concentrate while studying stuff I learned during the week.


This week we concentrated on comparing which was pretty hard (for me) cause there are many ways of comparing several things.

1. How is A compared to B?

日本語:(Aは) Bと くらべて |どうですか or  どう思いますか|

2. What is more (adjective), A or B

日本語:Aと Bと |どっちのほうが or  どっちが|adjective|ですか or と思いますか|

Favorite Example


English: what do you think is more delicious, pizza or mac (McDonald's)?

Answer: both!

Why am i studying this? you may ask, because next week i have to speak for few minutes with my 日本語の先生 about organizing a party for a friend for my speaking test.

At Home

I revised adjectives yesterday (while attempting to stay conscience) on Tae Kim's Japanese Grammar Guide, very helpful. I also tried to catch up on all my Vocab Lists on iKnow, today i learned some animals and some adjectives so luckily i now know the very useful phrase..


English: This camel is very rude

dam, if only i could describe this camel in Japanese....

But anyway.... tommorow I'm going to take a day off my study of Japanese because apparently i have other subjects that i study at school. So that's all for now.



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