Heading For Japan

Hi, my name's Will, I'm studying Japanese right now in year 11. Since i began studying only a few months ago, my interest in learning Japanese has grown and because of that, one day i want to live in Japan, hence the title Heading For Japan. You can read this blog which mainly includes how my study is going, and if you subscribe, that's even better! So I'm going to try and update this website as often is possible with how I'm progressing in my thirst for knowledge. Thanks for checking out this blog and hopefully one day I'll be heading for japan.

My Speaking Test

Today I had my Japanese Speaking Test, basically it involved me and my Japanese teacher conversing for a few minutes pretending to organize a party for a friend called, ゆきこ. We had to discuss location, food, entertainment, decorations, presents, all the while considering the cost, fun and availability. I walked in and was given a sheet of paper with what I had to talk about in and was given 10 minutes to write any Japanese I think I would need and i was able to look at it throughout the entire conversation and the result was a...

you should the what a D feels like if it was a building.

It was one of the most horrible experiences of my life, I even forgot how to say "What is your favorite color", apparently my confidence in speaking is horrible as well. I asked for a copy of the recording and hopefully in a few weeks I'll be able to post it on this blog for all of you to hear someone crash and burn more than the Hindenburg Disaster.

imagine this, but 100 times worse.

My final test is next week and its going to be a writing test, I have to write about the differences between Australian celebrations and Japanese celebrations, if you got any advice to give for me about the writing task please post it in the comments.

Well, I better get back to studying.


k said...

don't panic, happens to the best of us. ^^. take it in and learn from it.

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